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A little bit about us – JDRT is a proud Australian company, founded and owned by Joel Davis (JD) and Rhys Thomas (RT) who decided to do something different. Not satisfied with simply waking up every morning and doing the same thing, day in day out in our corporate lives, we said "fuck it" let's do something we love (heard that before right?).

Well, we actually went and did it. So how did we end up making watches?

Both of us are absolutely enthralled by this amazing world that we live in - we love people, we love travel, we love languages, we love experiences and we love fashion. Naturally we combine all of the above where possible, and it was on one trip in Nepal when we were trekking through the Langtang Himal when both of our watches froze up and disintegrated over a period of a couple of weeks. Two things happened here - we had to rely on the sun to tell the time (we couldn't charge our phones), and we sampled the local alcohol 'Raksi' a little too much one night. Naturally we devised and built a watchmaking empire that evening. The morning after we still thought it was a good idea, so it was settled! We finished our trek then hopped on the next bus we could find back to Kathmandu. The entire next year (it takes this long to build a business we learned) was spent sourcing the best possible materials from all around the world for use in our watches (Australia, Japan, Spain and China).

When you wear a JDRT watch, you’re wearing the result of countless nights, days, weeks, months and years of design, production, tears, laughter, travel, going hungry, eating too much and love. We love what we do and that’s why we could never put a product out there without making sure it passes our own test. We wear our watches every single day – rain, hail or shine. We surf, ski, mountain bike, run, work-out, sit at a desk – you name it, we do it and our watches never fail us. That’s because we use only the best materials and we assemble everything right here in Australia

- 316L High Grade Stainless Steel with ion plating

- Japanese Miyota Quartz Movement

- Diamond cut hands

- Sapphire Crystal Scratch Resistant Glass

- Sony SR626SW Silver Oxide Battery (equivalent or better)

- 100 Metres Water Resistance

- Applied indices

- Medical Grade Silicone (we highly recommend these bands for those who are prone to irritation or rashes from watch bands)

- Ballistic Nylon/Cotton 

We hope you love wearing your JDRT as much as we loved creating it – if you ever have any feedback you can get in touch with us at and either Rhys or Joel will get back in touch with you.


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